Naked Events Grows… New Member of Staff… New Office!

September 8, 2015

Just as we enter out 10th year here at Naked Events, Joanne Kilday joins us to add and grow TEAM NAKED!!!!!!!!


It’s all go here in the office, with our new office move taken place this month and new member of staff it’s exciting times which we will keep you all up to date with.


We welcome Joanne and hope she is very happy here – here is what she thought of her first week





First Week Here at Naked Events


What do you think of when you are about to start a new job? Excitement? Nervousness? Well I started working at Naked Events this week and I was all of these, although mainly it was excitement. I have been excited about this new job for weeks now, ever since it was offered to me but now it is here and I can hardly contain my excitement!


The first challenge, getting through the Edinburgh festival traffic, which can be a nightmare! I don’t know Leith very well, so had done two test runs to the new office on Giles Street, one in the car, one on the bus and was feeling pretty happy that I knew my way. However, on both journey’s I had done previously there had been no traffic, today on my first day, there was A LOT of it! Just my luck!


Luckily, I made it a little flustered and stressed, but I made it. I was greeted by Nikki at the front door, and taken up to the first floor to our brand new office – LOVELY!


I was shown to my desk, meeting Sylvia the accommodation co-ordinator a lovely Spanish lady who sits opposite me. I was also given a lovely card saying: “Joanne, A very BIG welcome to Naked Events . We are thrilled to have you on board and hope you have an Amazing 1st week!! Anna, Nikki, & Silvia & Pip the Dog.” (pip the office dog!)  I thought this was a lovely touch, I had never been so nicely welcomed to a job ever.


The first week has been a whirlwind, but I have been loving every minute of it. Team Naked are great I just really love the whole atmosphere in the office, it is very relaxed but we are all kept VERY busy.


Naked Events have been running for 10 years!! It’s amazing.   I can already see what amazing clients the company has and Nikki and Anna have great relationships with them all understanding what the clients want and really dealing with the requests with such passion.


Silvia heads up the accommodation booking side where she manages all our clients hotel requirements – I can see why they think this is a great service – one call or email and your hotel / accommodation request is dealt with, no need to call or search around yourself.


To celebrate our first week in the new office and my first week, Nikki suggested we go for a drink after work on Friday. Nikki also came in with coffee on the Friday morning, which went very well with the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts I had brought with me – I’m already feeling part of the team.


All in all I am loving Naked Events and I can’t wait to get even more involved in the business.





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