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Working with Covid Safe Hotels and Venues

Team Naked has been staying in close contact with venues to understand how their facilities can be adapted and used to host virtual and hybrid events. Many have robust Covid-safe policies and capabilities in place to help you physically host attendees at hotels or venues from their meeting spaces safely, with the necessary technology and equipment included to facilitate virtual recording and interaction for remote attendees – bringing the two together to create a seamless experience. Others are working with external partners to host the virtual events recorded on site. Please take a look at our newly compiled list of hotels and venues that have published detailed Covid Safe Policies to give you peace of mind.

Considering a virtual event?

While we believe nothing beats the benefits of face-to-face meetings, conferences, events and training, we are here to help make a virtual event work for you

Before you consider cancelling a physical event, give us a call! We can provide a consultation on your event and assess how we can change the delivery but keep the value. With our event expertise and some great partners on board, we can make that switch from physical to virtual seamlessly.

Operated and produced remotely, virtual events allow participants to contribute from their own location. All you need is an working internet connection to deliver an engaging event, through live video, slide sharing and participation. We will work closely with you to ensure interaction stays at the heart of the event.

There’s always a Plan B we can provide…. We will bring together all the working parts and elements to support with your event.

Perhaps a hybrid event is right for you?

A hybrid event combines the traditional event setting with digital elements, from online broadcasts to live stream panel discussions. This not only helps in navigating the “new normal” safely and effectively, but also allows for more attendees to access the event from wherever they are based.

By having parts of your event online, you’ll remove any scheduling or financial barriers and reach more people with your content. This doesn’t mean it has to be provided for free, as you can sell virtual access at a discounted price, which can boost ROI in turn. You can also use keynote and session recordings as promotional pieces in the future, saving you money on future marketing activity. Lastly, you can also track event engagement through virtual conferences and use this information to improve event details in the future.

Intrigued? Let’s talk…

Exhibitions, Awards, Team Building

We can incorporate any element of the below conference & events needs to work for YOU in any setting.


Can still be effectively delivered, either completely virtually or adapted to fit the latest social distancing rules and guidelines. Depending on budgets, there are various options available, from a 3D walk through exhibition to smaller, click-through images in order to stay connected. There are still benefits to be had for networking and sponsorship by tweaking the format – we’re here to help determine what’s best for you.


Don’t underestimate the importance of keeping your awards ceremony in place – reward and recognition has never been more important. We can help bring that special touch to your virtual awards ceremony, from sourcing an excellent compere who can be just as engaging through a screen as in-person, to sending delegates bespoke VIP voucher packages allowing them to enjoy a three course meal at home.

Team Building

Not physically being together as a team can be challenging, which is why it's important to think outside the box when it comes to virtual team building. We have an array of creative ways to ensure your team stays and feels connected, including ideas for virtual Friday night drinks!

Let's talk about your next event!

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